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The Mandarin Business Association (MBA) is a non-profit organization, which was incorporated on July 11, 2003 in the States of California. Mr. Otto Huang, the founder of MBA, was elected as the first President for the organization. The purpose of MBA is to coordinate and consolidate the minority business people, entrepreneurs and educators of the San Francisco Bay Area.

MBA works with various federal government agencies and the Northwestern Polytechnic University in finding business and job opportunities for the minorities. MBA is a non-profit organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of Internal Revenue Service for tax exemption status.

The Latest Activities

01/30/2018, MBA & ILF have an Awards and Appreciation Dinner at Cupertino.


12/10/2017, 旧金山中华企业协会在Santa Clara的状元楼举行了一年一度的圣诞晚会,一百多名MBA的会员和客人聚集在一起,回忆美好的2017年,展望未来的2018年。


8/7/2016, 舊金山中華企業協會在灣區僑教中心,舉行一場「歷史藝術講座」。邀請周典樂分享「試談中國繪畫之美」,以及朱琦教授演講「從絲綢之路談各種文化的交融」,分別從藝術和歷史的角度,帶領聽眾徜徉文化之旅,吸引僑界300多人聆聽。

05/21/2016 - MBA and ILF Round Table

联邦众议员本田(Mike Honda)、台北经济文化办事处处长马锺麟、加州众议员朱感生、古柏蒂奴市长张昭富、苗必达市长艾和谐、APAPA的尹集成等嘉宾与会发言。本田指领袖基金会多年来在亚裔人士的培养上作出了很大贡献,很多亚裔有更多的机会接触政治,扩展了视野。他认为,亚裔在各方面都有突出表现,唯有政治上给人沉默寡言的印象,相信这种情况会随着年轻一代的成长获得改变。


Three El Camino Youth Symphony musicians played trio for 5/21/2016 ILF San Francisco Advisory Board Inauguration: Andrew Vu-violin; Julie Ye-violin;Erik Roise-cello. There are other 4 players in 2015 ILF San Francisco Advisory Board Inauguration.

1. Nathan Yeung:MBA recognizes Nathan for his outstanding leadership and many contributions, which include promoting environmental awareness, organizing a campus clean-up team, supporting local guide dogs for the blind, and exemplifying dedication and initiative for his community.

2. Ashley Emily Hu:MBA recognizes Ashley for her service and commitment in leading an HBV school organization, raising general health awareness, connecting with local non-profits, and providing positive change for the people around her.

3. Zachary Tsai:MBA recognizes Zachary for his dedication in promoting respect for animals, his ability to capture Chinese traditions and other Asian cultures in his art, his respect towards seniors and elders, as well as his vision and hope for a better world.

4. Aaron Haiwen Hu:MBA recognizes Aaron for demonstrating great leadership skills, active participation in community service, development of inter-cultural understanding, and positive youth development.