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Otto Huang
While growing up, Otto was taught by his parents and school that helping people is the ultimate happiness and
this has become his philosophy until this day.

Otto Huang has served as President of the Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce, Northern California. He is also the Vice President of the Silicon Valley Kiang Su and Che Kiang Association. Otto’s goal is to promote friendship and business opportunities among minorities and mainstream society. He is the founder and President of the Mandarin Business Association, San Francisco. MBA’s mission and goal are:
1) To work with educational institutions, in developing world wide industrial and business training programs;

2) To create business opportunities, exchange industrial and business experience and information, promote entrepreneurship, by means of communication and cooperation; and

3) To coordinate with the federal government agencies such as MBDA (Minority Business Development Agency) and SBA (Small Business Association), to publicize the benefits government provide for minority groups. This association has already held several seminars and panel discussions with SBA’s Oakland and San Jose offices. And now Otto is making his efforts to organize a “minority business alliance.” Otto was recently presented with the 2004 International Leadership Award by ILF, Washington D.C. 

Otto was born in Shanghai in 1946, and immigrated with his parents to Taipei, Taiwan, in 1947. He still remembers the first American politicians he met while in elementary school – ex-President Dwight Eisenhower, and ex-Vice President Richard Nixon, who were among the first Republican leaders to visit Taiwan. These two great men made a strong impression on Otto that has lasted to this day.

Otto attended college majoring in textile engineering. His first job after college was as the first Woolmark Licensing officer in the International Wool Secretariat in Taiwan after having been trained in Japan. In 1972, he started working as the marketing manager for Yipont Industrial Company Limited; a subsidiary of Kou Feng Enterprise Group which had business in international trading, wool textile, garment manufacturing, wheat milling, stock feed manufacturing, tools manufacturing and many more. Otto was in charge of the Polyurethane department supplying manufacturers in shoes, handbags and garments. This experience in the PU industry was a starting point of Otto’s access to shoe business today.

While in Taiwan, Otto was a senior member of the Jaycee, International Taipei, devoting himself to community activity. Many fellow members in the Jaycee at that time are now in key roles in the current Taiwan government, such as the President, the Prime Minister, and the top administrators in the Cabinet.

In 1979, Otto and his wife Grace, and son Dennis, moved to the United States. He worked for the Overseas Operation of the Tennessee Handbag Incorporated in Dandridge, TN. This Tennessee based company had already set up foreign operations in Nicaragua, Haiti and Mexico, and was planning to establish a plant in China. In 1980, the communist overthrew the Nicaraguan government and the new government seized all of the US invested businesses. As a result, the company’s plan to invest in China came to a halt and Otto was asked to locate to Haiti to oversee the operation instead. However, Otto could not fit the lifestyle there and soon got ill. The whole Nicaraguan incident had a great impact to Otto; it dampened his dream of starting an American business in China.

In 1982, Otto moved to California to work for Anton Zanus International Incorporated. He served as the Vice President/Controller of AZI, an importer and wholesale of garments that had business with companies such as JC Penny, Gap and AAFES. He then moved on to become the office manager for Quimax, a computer manufacturer and importer. In 1987, using the experience and connections he acquired when working at Yipont, and the background from his father’s shoe business more than a half century ago in Shanghai, Otto started the shoe business that has lasted to this day.

Today, Otto Huang is the President / founder of Union Way, Corporation headquartered at Pier 70 in San Francisco. This company has several departments, and sells to major stores such as Walmart, Target, Ross, Albertson, Steve Madden, Longs Drugs, U.S. Polo, etc, with annual sales of 5-6 million pairs of shoes.

Otto’s family includes his wife Grace, who works in a law firm over 18 years; son Dennis, who previously worked for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and now works for Union Way; daughter-in-law Catherine who worked in a law firm and now helps out her husband in shoe business and daughter Amy, who is a PhD. candidate at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in biochemistry.