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MBDA Service:

The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) in the only one Federal agency created specifically to foster the creation, growth, and expansion of minority-owned businesses both regionally and nationally; and expansion of minority-owned businesses both regionally and nationally. 

MBDA is committed to developing new sources of capital for minority firms and opportunities in and emerging markets here and abroad. We offer the highest quality management and technical assistance through third-arty service providers, and continue to utilize resources available from the private sector and from local governments in order to maximize the impact of the Federal investment. The agency will continue to ensure that all Americans are given every opportunity to compete in our country’s economic arena.

MBDA was established in 1969 and has celebrated national Minority Enterprise Development Week since 1983. Last year (2206), MBDA honored minority business men and women who have not only built successful businesses, but through their successes have developed career opportunities for many individuals, both and non-minority, and have added to the growth of our great country.

The Mandarin Business Association (MBA) has been invited consecutively by the MBDA, in the last tree years, to its annual Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week banquets, held in San Francisco. MBDA and MBA are in close cooperation to promote successful Chinese entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area to the MBDA for their business opportunities and values provided to our society.

We urge you to contact MBA or MBDA for further details about these programs..