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MBA Members’ Benefits: 

You may be wondering if you become a MBA member what are the benefits you can get?

Well, this is a good question! There are hundreds of non-profits organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area; each of them has its own unique characteristics. Based on our missions/goals and the experiences, here are some of the activities we have had for our members.

(1) Tex benefits: MBA is a non-profit, C-3 status organization, approved by the California state government. Your membership dues, monetary donations are tax exempt. 

(2) Media exposures: Our activities in the communities are always published in our website and local papers. If you were a board director, your photo, resume and profession will be on our website.

(3) Your opportunities to access the mainstream events: MBA has excellent working relationships with the International Leadership Foundation (ILF) Minority Enterprise Development Agency (MBDA), Small Business Agency (SBA). They are all U.S. governmental agencies. Your membership will help to access these agencies to find business opportunities and governmental resources.

(4) MBA’s other programs: W are a group of various professional people. We have lawyers, accounts, realtors, financial consultants, insurance agents, high tech engineers, web designers, pharmaceutical people, entertainers, etc. Your membership will give you the opportunities to associate with these people and share their expertise. 

(5) Finally, be a part of community services will always enrich your social life. What do you think? Let us know.